Yoga for Vishuddha – Throat Chakra

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I am so tempted to make some “open your throat” jokes here, but I’ll try to keep it clean (ish). The throat chakra, or Vishuddha is definitely my chakra. This is the most powerful chakra I was born with but also the source of the majority of my problems in chakra balancing too. So I know this one well.

Vishuddha is located in your throat, and it’s the source of communication and song. This is the place where you interact with the world at large and both understand and communicate your identity. It’s also the first in the more spiritual chakra set of Throat, Third-Eye and Crown. We’re moving closer to god with the throat and away from the ground into the 5th of 7 chakras.

Overactive Vishuddha

When it’s overactive you can be a motor mouth, the kind of person who has “no filter”, has an easy time talking but a hard time listening, interrupts people a lot, and generally feels like they have a lot to say. Physically, an overactive Vishuddha can manifest as ear, nose and throat infections as well as stiff shoulders, neck and jaw. If you have a lot of soreness or issues in this area of your body, then an overactive throat chakra may be playing into it. Smoking and alcohol dependency are also signs of imbalance in vishuddha for both over and under active throat.

Under-active Vishuddha

Difficulties communicating is number one here; literally feeling like you are unheard or not worth hearing. Like you have something to say but never quite say it right, or have a hard time being understood. People with under active throat chakras often appear to be wishy washy or flaky people. You can also develop problems in your ears, nose and throat, but think of it more as a shrinking of this space: problems with vocal chords or lack of moisture in your sinuses, frequent colds and sinus infections.

Balancing the Throat

For both over and under active throat chakras, singing is therapy. Especially if you have a hard time expressing yourself, singing, either by yourself or in a group is great for opening up the 5th chakra space. Chanting “OM” (pronounced AUM) is one of the best lubricants for your throat and can even help with colds and infections to move mucous and get your lungs working at maximum capacity to remove toxins.

If your throat chakra is over active, then silence is your best cure. Try to take silence in as many places in your life as you can. A great meditation is to eat in silence: not reading, watching TV, texting or especially talking, but just sitting in silence and eating. Also, developing listening skills with your friends and family. Ask more questions and listen for the answers.

For under-active balancing, a good tool is to try telling the truth clearly in small ways. Even if it’s with yourself by journaling your true feelings on any subject, especially if it was something you had a hard time communicating in your day, then re-write that scenario in your journal at night and practice being brutally honest.

If you’re looking for asana postures to balance your chakras, there are a few weirdo ones (lion’s breath) and some obvious ones (plow) but really just focus on the shoulders. Work with some lavender oil and if you can chant a few “Ham” sounds at the end then you got your throat nice and open.

Here’s a video of a throat chakra flow.