Yoga for Svadhisthana, the Sex Chakra

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The second chakra of the main 7-chakra channel is referred to loosely as the “sex chakra”. In sanskrit it’s called “svadhisthana” meaning, “ones own abode” but also to “taste with pleasure”. This is the seat of creativity, the water or flow in the your body. It’s ground zero of your emotional self and the place where pleasure resides. This is where the butterflies from a first kiss come from and the enjoyment in the finer things in life, like good chocolate and wine and the place that art is created from.

This chakra is not just important, but severely overlooked in this day and age. if you think of muladara as the fire and the masculine energy, where your basic animal needs are taken care of (money, power, sex), then the sacral chakra is where the more subtle, feminine energy resides (love, art, relationships). It’s the open ended, shapeless goddess that is in all of us.


If you’re second chakra is flowing well then you’ll be a creative, open person with balanced personal relationships. You will be able to keep healthy boundaries and express yourself easily.

An imbalance in this chakra could manifest physically in lower back pain, problems with ovaries, uterus, prostate or other issues in the reproductive organs. Issues with sex such as pain during intercourse, or impotence. Also bladder, kidney, and other pelvic issues.

Emotionally, an imbalanced svatisthana could result in creative blocks, inability to form or keep personal relationships, repressed emotions and lack of creative energy.

Balancing your Sex Chakra

Asanas that help balance this chakra are anything involving the hips:

  • Triangle
  • Twists (of any kind)
  • Butterfly
  • Child’s pose
  • Goddess
  • Cobra
  • Frog
  • Open leg forward bends (either standing or sitting)


Meditation to help with your Sex Chakra:

You don’t need to get fancy. You can simply sit with your back against a wall, with legs crossed or straight in front of you and place your hands in front of your “crotch” or your uterus/lower belly area; fingers of the right hand under the finger of the left and thumbs touching or overlapping to create a circle. As you breath in, picture orange light coming into your chakra centre and healing you-a nice warm orange glow. Start with 10 minutes a day and work up to a half hour.

You can also activate this chakra by pursuing creativity in life, writing, painting and especially movement based exercise like dancing. Anything creative that you can engage in for fun, for the simple joy of it.

This chakra is often overlooked but is just as important an energy centre as the heart or the root (or really any other), treat it with the same kindness and care.