Yoga for Muladhara Chakra

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Muladhara is the root. It’s located at the base of your body-for women it’s behind our cervix, for men it’s the perineum. For my own visualization, I just picture my butt hole. When we say, “root down”, in yoga and you’re sitting, picture your anus rooting into the floor like a electric connection to the earth. If you’re standing, then picture your feet as tree roots into the earth.

In my culture, the good old West, we are Muladhara obsessed. It’s the place where security lives. Money, red meat, power, the animal kind of sex, the animal kind of basic needs, passion, protection, fear. The suchness of your being is right there, in the root.

It’s important to have a good flow here. If you have a weak Muladhara, you can have issues with money, security, with basic shelter, with keeping a job, with keeping it together really. And if it’s overactive you could be a red meat eating, power hungry Wall Street type. This chakra is the easiest to see the imbalance for me and it’s also one of the easiest to work with through yoga.

The muladhara chakra is associated with the anus, sense of smell, the legs, rectum, colon, teeth, nails, and it’s where our survival lives, so fear is here too. This is the place where we find courage, passion, trust, and where our relationship with money, home and job lives. It’s a pretty powerful chakra over all-a balanced root can lead to a change in overall health.

Asanas for Balancing Muladhara:

  • Focus on feet-really rooting down. Open and spread your toes. Stand with intention, roll a tennis ball under your foot
  • All standing postures: Mountain, Tree, Warrior 1, 2, 3
  • All forward bends: Standing and Seated, plus Wide Leg Forward Fold
  • Anything with your legs open: Butterfly, Triangle
  • Down Dog


 Other Ways To Balance Muladhara:

If you find your Muladhara acting up (cravings for sex, alcohol or over cleaning your house) then you can sit and chant “Lam” (pronounced like “lamb”) keeping your awareness on where  your root contacts the ground.

Get out in Nature! Nature is one of the most grounding places for both a weak and overactive Muladhara. Go for a hike, get out of the city, find some green space to eat your lunch in. Get a dog-they know how to find nature anywhere. Try to get out into nature daily for a healthy Muladhara.

You can also try Kundalini shaking. It shakes off any energy front he day before and keeps the new flowing through. Stand with your feet hip distance apart and root down through your feet. Let your arms fall to either side of your body. Start shaking from your root with your eyes closed and keeping your feet rooted to the ground. Let your arms go limp. Let your knees be soft. Picture the shaking moving up and down your spine from top to bottom, like a snake. Do this for 5-10 minutes. I like to listen to Rage Against The Machine and do it first thing in the morning.

Breathwork or Pranayama:

  • The best breath work for Muladhara are locks. Breath in and out deeply a few times, then in through your nose and lock, squeezing the muscles in your bum and genitals upwards. Hold your breath for a long as you can then slowly let it out through your mouth. Repeat.
  • Nadi Shodhana is great for balancing at the end of your practice. If you feel worked up or too focused on “Money, Power, Sex” and need to calm an overactive muladhara, then this one is very centring and balancing.