Yoga for Anahata, the Heart Chakra

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Anahata means “unhurt” in Sanskrit, which is a fitting name for the 4th chakra in seven. It’s the middle ground chakra, the bridge between the three lower, physical realm chakras and the three higher, spiritual realm ones. The heart chakra in Kabbalah is the space that Jesus and Buddha inhabited.

The heart chakra can always use a little opening by pretty much any human on the planet. It rules the breasts and lungs and of course the heart organ in the body. There are probably many times in the day when your heart feels open and flowing; when you are compassionate to yourself and others, expressing forgiveness and love for the world. And with equal measure, you most likely go through many times a day where you feel closed off to the world, to yourself, or feeling jealousy and anger or grief. We all go through these openings and closings, but when there is more closed than open, then it’s time to get back to the heart and create the flow.

There are a lot of ways to open your heart chakra, and most of them are easy and fun and almost immediately fill you with love. You can try a practice of smiling at everyone you see on the street. Try to see the positive in every situation, ask yourself, “what’s good about this?” when you come up against a challenge that usually gets you down. Laughter therapy is great too and dancing. Dancing is a beautiful key to opening your heart. Acts of kindness and forgiveness (even if you do it just in your head) can also help bring up your heart vibration.

Asanas that help balance this chakra are anything that involves a back bend:

  • Cobra
  • Camel
  • Cat/Cow
  • Upward Dog
  • Bridge and Wheel
  • Crescent
  • Warrior 2
  • Boat



Meditation for heart opening:

The best one I’ve ever done, I learned at Inanitah in Nicaragua. It’s a simple 30 minute movement meditation that is set to music. I have a video about it below. You can just put it on and follow the movements. Make sure to stay inside, with your eyes closed, keep your hands on your heart to stay tuned into your Anahata.