Travel Mama: Guatemala

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This is a quick note really to say that after a lot of emails and messages and questions, I’ve finally put together a trip for mom’s and their kids.

I have done a lot of solo travel in my life, and I’ve traveled with a dog (which is glorious as well) but traveling with my daughter was a whole new world. It’s like solo travel except everyone talks to you and treats you like you are welcome. People want to help you and tell you about their kids and congratulate you for being beautiful and brave and a great mom. If you are in your partnership, I’m sure you have a great vacation, but it’s a closed unit. You are not as approachable, you are sort of left alone, especially in Latin America. As soon as you lose the guy, you gain it all.

I have gained so much from traveling with my daughter that I decided it had to be shared.

Here’s a link to the first Travel Mama Trip I’m doing (expect a lot more in future). It’s a way to travel with your kids alone, but also have an off-the-beaten-path experience AND meet other moms just like you.

Here’s a link to a video answering some frequently asked questions:

it’s $1500 USD for a mom and kid 5 and under and $1850 USD for a kid over.

If you have questions, email me: