The Yoga Forest – San Marcos, Guatemala

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Nestled above infamous hippie town, San Marcos, lies The Yoga Forest. It’s a beautiful walk through a trail marked by painted rocks that twists past houses and through a sparse forest until you come to a gate marked “The Yoga Forest”. Upon entering, there are close to 100 hundred steer stairs left for you on your journey and they are well worth it.

Once you breathlessly make it to the top of the stairs, there is an open concept kitchen waiting for you with plenty of filtered water to gulp down after the hike.

The Yoga Forest is one part permaculture community with a rotating roster of volunteers keeping this gorgeous place operating, one part eco hotel where you an book in for a night or a week in either shared or private accommodation and one part yoga studio – there is a daily schedule which is free for guests but also open for drop in and every two months they host a YTT on the property.

I camped with my dog in The Yoga Forest in 2014 when they had just one studio above the kitchen which was large and had a beautiful open vibe, but this time around, they have built a new, glass-enclosed studio with a breathtaking view of majestic Lake Atitlan and the volcanoes that surround it below.

Every morning there is meditation from 6:15-7AM for guests, then a Hatha/Vinyasa class (depending on who is teaching) from 7-8:30AM. There is also an afternoon Yin/Restorative class 4-5:30PM daily. Classes are 50Q. It’s an incredible deal because the teachers are incredible. The class I took included pranayama in the ashtanga and kundalini style, vinyasa flow a la repetitive, Indian style and creative modern Hatha, where postures could flow into each other but also be held for longer periods. There was also a great Savasana and the teacher adjusted us all in that time.

If you are feeling the vibe, for an extra 50Q, you can stay for breakfast or dinner after class and enjoy the laid back vibes of the dining space.

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Besides, you might need to get your prana full charged to walk back down those hundred steps and out.

On weekends they host a Kirtan (10:30AM by donation) on Saturdays and Ecstatic Dance and Cacao Ceremony (10:30AM – 50Q) on Sundays. They also have a weekly permaculture tour of the property (10AM -50Q) on Thursdays.

For more info on YTT’s at The Yoga Forest, click here.

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(view from the toilet!)