Mindfulness: 5 Minute Meditation Trick – Breath

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Many people ask me how to meditate. It’s pretty much accepted now that meditation is a key component in living a healthy, holistic lifestyle. But how to do it? Well, you don’t need to sit for an hour every morning like an urban monk. If you can commit to 5 minutes a day for 30 days, then you got something pretty sweet going. Gandhi said it takes 3-4 months to make any kind of meaningful change in your life, so just keep at it for a season and see where…read more

Kundalini Yoga – The Yoga Of Awareness

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We invited fellow writer and yogi, Michelle Lipper, to explain once and for all to us: what the hell is Kundalini Yoga anyway? Let me start of by saying that if you have never heard of Kundalini Yoga, you are not alone. And if you have recently started hearing about it more and more, well you are not alone either. Kundalini Yoga it is gaining popularity and notoriety at a rapid rate- thanks in large part to teachers like Guru Jaget whose new book is on the NYT Bestseller list…read more

Zazen Meditation

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  Zazen is the Japanese word for “seated meditation”. Zen meditation is the form that Buddhists use (for the most part) and is widely practiced all over the world. It’s one of the simplest and oldest forms of meditation but can be very difficult to practice in these rapid, monkey-mind times we live in. How It Works: It’s important to sit properly for this. You can sit on the floor or against a wall with your legs crossed (the traditional is full lotus, but let’s be real, not many people…read more

Meditation for Monkey Minds i.e. Normal People

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So you want to meditate but you can’t stay focused on your breath for more than 3 seconds before your mind is all wandering and making grocery lists and reminding you to make that appointment you forgot ten times this week? Same here. Same everywhere. No one’s good at meditation, that’s the point. You’re getting there. The getting there IS the point. Meditation is so beneficial for the mind and body, that there’s too much to even list here. If I told you that I have a miracle pill that…read more