If You Eat Meat, Are You Really A Yogi?

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Can you eat meat and be a yogi? While the short answer is “no”, it’s not as simple as a short answer is it? From an environmental standpoint it is crystal clear that we as a people need to cut down or stop eating meat. As a very good friend of mine once said, “if you believe in humanity, you have to cut down on how much meat you eat.” Once a week each for chicken, eggs and fish seems reasonable, but fast food and a beef heavy diet are…read more

Ak’Bol Yoga Retreat, Ambergris Caye, Belize

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Belize is gorgeous. 90,000 people on a piece of land about twice the size of Jamaica, maybe a bit more, and almost half of it is protected natural reserve. They love their environment there and the locals, who range from American looking white people to Caribbean dreads, to squat Mayans, know a lot about nature. It’s all very Canadian and feels like Canada in the south in a lot of ways-especially the more nature-loving Western Canada part. Belize and the Cayes are known for snorkelling since it’s the largest reef…read more