The Yoga Sprinkle – All Day Yoga Practice for Moms and Busy People

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If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I have recently had a baby and I am desperately trying to get back into my yoga practice. It’s not going so well. Being a single mom, means I’m with my daughter all the time. She also refuses to take a bottle, no matter what I have tried, so leaving her for long periods doesn’t work so well (long is a yoga practice). I have recently started doing yoga all day long in tiny little 5 minute spurts and it’s working…read more

Acro Yoga: The Yoga of Play

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Our good friend, Sara Angelus, was kind enough to walk us through WTF is Acro Yoga anyway? So what is this craze that floods social networks like instagram and Facebook feeds with pictures and videos of couples and groups of people performing tricks of balance and strength in which you can generally pick out something that resembles the “asanas” or postures that you’ve seen or tried sometime in a yoga studio? The term “Acroyoga” itself is a relatively new term coined in the early 21st century by a coupling of…read more

Ridin’ Dirty – Getting Back Into Your Daily Practice

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I have had a daily or almost-daily practice for close to five years. It started off with a daily exercise regime, then I became a yoga teacher and that reset my schedule to include daily meditation and yoga. Over the years, it’s become a lot looser; I exercise daily, practice some form of yoga, whether it be breath work or meditation or asana. I don’t over think it, but I knew I needed it- every day. Then I got pregnant. In the beginning I had a lot of resentment towards…read more

Eat Your Heart Out: Bhakti Yoga

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There’s 4 paths of yoga: Jana, Raja, Karma and Bhakti. I wrote a post on Ashtanga a while back and that’s Raja Yoga – the yoga of kings. In Ashtanga, the focus is on meditation and mindfulness. It’s physical, it’s internal. There was also a post on Sivananda, which is Karma Yoga – the focus is on giving back to the community, practicing non violence and keeping calm. There are several elements of Bhakti yoga in Sivananda as well, as Bhakti is the yoga of love and devotion. The term…read more

Yoga for Vishuddha – Throat Chakra

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I am so tempted to make some “open your throat” jokes here, but I’ll try to keep it clean (ish). The throat chakra, or Vishuddha is definitely my chakra. This is the most powerful chakra I was born with but also the source of the majority of my problems in chakra balancing too. So I know this one well. Vishuddha is located in your throat, and it’s the source of communication and song. This is the place where you interact with the world at large and both understand and communicate…read more

Yoga for Svadhisthana, the Sex Chakra

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The second chakra of the main 7-chakra channel is referred to loosely as the “sex chakra”. In sanskrit it’s called “svadhisthana” meaning, “ones own abode” but also to “taste with pleasure”. This is the seat of creativity, the water or flow in the your body. It’s ground zero of your emotional self and the place where pleasure resides. This is where the butterflies from a first kiss come from and the enjoyment in the finer things in life, like good chocolate and wine and the place that art is created…read more

Yoga for Muladhara Chakra

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Muladhara is the root. It’s located at the base of your body-for women it’s behind our cervix, for men it’s the perineum. For my own visualization, I just picture my butt hole. When we say, “root down”, in yoga and you’re sitting, picture your anus rooting into the floor like a electric connection to the earth. If you’re standing, then picture your feet as tree roots into the earth. In my culture, the good old West, we are Muladhara obsessed. It’s the place where security lives. Money, red meat, power, the…read more

So You Wanna Be Hardcore? Ashtanga Yoga

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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a modern form of classical Indian yoga. Sri. Pattabhi Jois started the Ashtanga Institute in Mysore, India in 1948 and taught up until his death at 93 years old in 2009. The cool part about it is that you can still learn from teachers who learned from Jois himself. My teacher, Mark Ansari, studied with Jois in the late 70s in London and is the full-on, old-school asana-junkie Ashtangi. It’s the kind of thing you will love or hate, but you have to commit to it…read more

30 Day Challenge: Heart Chakra Meditation

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I just finished a 30 day challenge opening my heart chakra using this simple meditation. The very first time I tried it was almost a year ago to the month at an intentional community called Inanitah on the beautiful island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. The basics are that you stand with your hands on your heart and for under 7 minutes of a song by Karunesh, you take a steps forward, first with your right foot, letting your right hand move forward, then your left with the left hand; each…read more