Misfit Studio – Toronto, Canada

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“Rooted in yoga, informed by pilates and inspired by dance”, says creator of Misfit Studio as well as the Misfit Method, Amber J, from the opening video on the website’s homepage. There are elements of form, mysticism, and mindful use of language in their teaching method.

Photo by: Jessica Blaine Smith | http://jbsmithphotography.com

The story is the studio’s been around on Queen St. for ages where they have always combined pilates and yoga in a modern, almost rebel way. Now there’s a second studio on Ossington. They have over 10 classes a day focusing on movement, strength and tradition. Classes are the standard $20 drop in, $30 if you’re using the reformer with packages for monthly as well as annual too.

What’s different about them? Well, it’s very paired down, very feminine and very Queen West. At Misfit, you get the sense you are working on inner beauty and outer strength, not so much on how to be flexible or skinny.


There is also a very distinct vibe among the teachers. Tattoos and leather jackets; yoga is something they are living not trying to live up to. It wouldn’t be strange to run into any of the teachers at a local dive bar or see them doing normal, civilian things unlike so many other studios that become cults of tight fisted veganism and a certain wellness.

What else? They offer a Teacher Training and workshops and even rent out the space to freelance teachers as well, which is really hard to find in big cities. Aja Sax does Pay What You Can classes out of the studio regularly and that is super cool.