Mindfulness: 5 Minute Meditation Trick – Breath

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Many people ask me how to meditate. It’s pretty much accepted now that meditation is a key component in living a healthy, holistic lifestyle. But how to do it? Well, you don’t need to sit for an hour every morning like an urban monk. If you can commit to 5 minutes a day for 30 days, then you got something pretty sweet going.

Gandhi said it takes 3-4 months to make any kind of meaningful change in your life, so just keep at it for a season and see where that takes you. Here’s a quick and easy way to find a starting point and go with it.

Why We Feel The Breath

Feeling the breath is different than listening to the breath. You can listen to yourself think from a chaotic place or a calm place or from a totally hectic and ungrounded place.

My preference is always to hear what I’m thinking from a calmer place. Then I can say to myself “oh that’s not even true anymore, that’s totally my past talking”, or “I’m so scared right now.” If my concentration is really good, then I’m just vibing with my breath and that’s all I am doing. It’s not like my mind stops, it’s just that the feeling of the breathing is enough to keep me interested in something besides my thinking.

Now I know when I am disconnected from myself and I need to stop, practice and rest. At the risk of sounding like a total cliché here: YOUR BREATH IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. The risk is that sometimes when we get along with the breath, it can catch feelings we have been suppressing or numb to. That’s the risk and a blessing. To feel our humanness and aliveness.

How To Do It

5-15 minutes

Let your roommate/husband/friend know that you are unavailable. If you are with babies and it’s harder to leave (I KNOW, 15 minutes is a lot!). Try 5-10 minutes. Maybe even hide in the washroom if you can for three, four minutes at a time and just breathe. Or when babies are napping…they nap sometimes right? Bosses too right? Sometimes they leave? I kid, but you might need to be resourceful.

Lie on your back. Or sit in a chair. If you are sitting on a chair, feel your feet on the ground (use a blanket below your feet if it that feels better as far as making contact with the earth).

Close your eyes and feel yourself breathing. So, not necessarily super forcing your breath like Darth Vader, but rather long quiet inhale IN (to the top of your lungs), and a long quiet exhale out. Long quiet inhales in and out. Connect to the breath and don’t force it. Feel the breath behind the belly button because it’s the furthest thing away from your head. Set an alarm but stay for as long as you can. The longer the better.

Notice when you start to manipulate it too much or when you speed up. Just slow your breathing down. Long quiet inhales in, long quiet exhales out.

Set an alarm. 10-15 minutes is awesome if you can manage it.

5 minutes minimum. Good luck!!! You can do it this, I promise you.

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