Las Piramides San Marcos, Guatemala

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Las Piramides Del Ka is located in the tiny hippie enclave of San Marcos on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. It’s one of the longest standing centres in a town filled with healers, yogis, mystics and of course, weirdos. But Las Piramides is the real mccoy. You can tell the moment you walk through the gates into their extensive gardens-the vibe is mas tranquilo.

I first heard of it when i was traveling through Central America in December of 2013. I kept meeting these hyper focused normal men and women (mostly young men) who had just finished the Moon Course at the pyramids. I had a chance to spend a few days in San Marcos checking out the scene then and I meditated in their giant pyramid structure with the current students of the Moon Course. It was so incredible, i decided then and there I’d sign up for the following year.

Couse Outline

The Moon Course is four weeks, with each week focusing on a different element that links into the course: the physical body, emotional, mental and spiritual. Each day there is yoga at 7:00am for just over an hour, then there’s a break for breakfast before a lecture at 10:30am and then meditation at 5:00PM. Students stay onsite in tiny pyramid bungalows and there is a shared kitchen. Each week’s yoga, lectures and meditation supports the theme for that week. In the last week there is a 5 day silence retreat and liquid’s cleanse before leaving.


The Goods

Las Piramides really has their course work tuned in completely. Each week flows into the next well and their meditation techniques help even the most novice participants. The grounds are stunning and the staff are all very easy going and knowledgeable.

There is an incredible library onsite that’s filled with the kind of books that are impossible to find, even on Amazon, and I was over the moon with it, just crushing three books a week.

During the 4 week course, there are also mini courses offered at an extra charge (anywhere from 400-700Q which is a steal for the level of quality); everything from Astrology to Massage. I took a four day breath work course and it was amazing; it allowed me to quit smoking and gave me incredible tools to help me with purging the past and channeling all the good in the world into my body.


In the course, we learned how to see aura’s, lucid dreaming, astral travel, studied Kabbalah, the chakra system, astrology, numerology, tarot, kyballion, and Emerald Tablet. It was heavy to say the least.

You have to take the one month Moon Course in order to take the three month, much deeper, Sun Course and any other in-depth course Las Piramides offers on the topics they cover.

The final week starts off at El Arka, the second meditation retreat and the home of where the Sun Course participants finish their three month course in 40 days of silent meditation. We went by boat and car to the stunning location to meditate and open up our 5-day silence retreat. It was a powerful and centring experience.


If you pass through San Marcos, sign up for one of the meditations in their stunning pyramid; see if it speaks to you and if it does, sign up for the Moon Course immediately.


Thank you Sofia Andrade for the photos.