Intro To Reflexology-How To Touch Someone’s Heart With Your Hands

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In February of this year, I was lucky to have attended an incredible gathering of creative people on the beach in El Salvador called Equilibrio. It was part workshop, party celebration, full on deep beach.

During the day I taught workshops-yoga and meditation and how to make shampoo, and I also took some too. Travel Writing and Reflexology being the two standout tracks to what was one of the best mix-tapes of a weekend event I’ve ever attended.

In reflexology we learned the basics: which part of your feet correspond to what and how to actually touch someone’s foot-turns out it’s a lot like other types of loving touch, mostly fingers and palms, keep the thumbs out of it. Our teacher, Brigette, taught us to use our intuition and let our own hands guide us to the tough spots, then work them out.

And I learned how to touch someone’s heart with my own-the part of my heart in my hand of course.

There is a place in your hand, the meaty bit on your palm between the base of your thumb and your wrist,it’s almost heart shaped that meaty bit-well, that’s your heart. And when you have someone’s feet in both your hands, the meaty bit under their big toe that bumps out, that’s their heart. If you’re holding their feet right, then the meaty part of your hand and the meaty part of each of their feet will line up perfectly. If you curl your fingers around the tops of their toes and gently press your hand-heart into their foot-heart, you can feel a beautiful sweetness in the energy that passes between you. It’s not sexual and it’s not a massage relief feeling, it’s a distinctively heart space feeling. A gentleness, both acute and vast at the same time.

Try it as a party trick. Or on a first date. Or on mother’s day for a gift your mama will never forget.