Full Moon Manifestation

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The Full Moon is a time of completion  and letting go. If you are one of these hippies (so many of my friends) who lives your life by the moon cycle instead of the calendar’s you buy at Office Depot, then you are using both the new moon and full moon to manifest your destiny. The new moon is the time to plant seeds and the full moon is the time to harvest them. There is also an astrological angle – where are these moons landing in your birth chart – answer that and you’ll know what to plant, what to throw away and why you are so absolutely nuts whenever there is a friggin’ eclipse in your damn ascendant. Wanna know more? Read on.

As far as farmer’s are concerned, which has a lot to do with this symbolism, they ACTUALLY planted seeds on the new moon when the sky was the darkest and they ACTUALLY harvest on the full moon when they moon is the brightest. This is a bit of a “duh” concept to point out when you think about it. So before there was LED torches to farm all night if you wanted, we (the human’s who farmed food) had to use the moon as our light at night. What is called “the harvest moon” is usually in the fall and when the moon is in the sky the longest so that farmer’s could harvest all day and night. Like in North America where fall is the only harvest. In other climates, there are many harvests a year.

Housekeeping: When the moon is full, it’s closest to the earth. It’s pulling us the most. The moon’s pull is what keeps the earth from plummeting into the sun and burning up and it also keeps the water moving, quite literally it is the force controlling the motion of the ocean, much like how to sun is responsible for keeping things warm and helping food grow. The moon is just as important as the sun but studied and worshiped a lot less in these modern times. Our calendar is based on the sun cycles around the earth and we have a general world-wide clock both externally and internally based on the sun, it’s called the Gregorian calendar and it was established in 1582. This calendar’s purpose is to keep things at the same time each year – like Easter and is born from an older calendar (the Julian calendar) who’s purpose was to keep us from using the new moon to gauge time. Literally, these were created to keep us from using the moon as a guide.


Feminine and Masculine: So the Moon is also a representation of the feminine aspects in all of us (even the super macho manly men). We have a masculine, Sun side, and a feminine, Moon side. The sun being the first foot in the door so to speak, the obvious, overt, clear, aggressive part. The moon is the water, the flow, the ethereal, internal, even sometimes secret part. Moon worship is seen as a feminine, even witchy activity but it has been included in pegan and early ceremonial worship by cultures all over the world.

Mayans: The Mayans, which is what is the collective name for the indigenous group that was in most of Latin America before the Spaniards conquered were heavy into Astronomy, Astrology and general star and moon worship. They moved, ate, farmed, hunted and celebrated around the constellations and cycles of the moon. Ixchel, the goddess of fertility was a moon goddess.



There are the Greek moon goddesses of Selene, Artemis and Phoebe, who are all in the same family line from Greek mythology.


Buddhism is FILLED with moon worship, the quarter, full, new, and even a half moon is called colloquially, “A buddha moon”. Moon worship is found on every continent and every religion and mythology up until the whole burning of witches at the steak, masculine take over of health and religion and just the general spread of dick-shaped monuments all over the world that we have been trapped in for the last almost-hundred years.

Now it’s sort of degenerated into Full Moon Parties, most famous is in Thailand, Haad Rin, on Koh Phangan, where essentially a bunch of backpackers get high and dance to EDM all night on the beach. This is not the point of a full moon ceremony at all, this is what a bunch of unconscious people do with the overwhelm of extra water in the 80%-water beings when they feel full and alive and electric and have no frame of how to deal with that except to get wasted with strangers and make “bad decisions” because of YOLO or some other catchphrase bullshit. But I digress.


If you want to get the most out of the full moon, then you want to get your crystals to charge on an altar to the full moon (put them in the moon light on a window sill over night), get some candles, incense and offerings (rice and flowers are most common). You are gonna need a paper and pen and a little place to burn the paper.

You can meditate and do some moon salutations (this is a type of feminine energy physical yoga) to get into the space.Light your incense and candles.  Then write down what you would like to let go of. Say a little mantra that inspires you which can be a Hindu mantra to Tara, the goddess/buddha of love, or you can say a Christian prayer or even an AA mantra, like the Serentiy Prayer – whatever speaks to you. Then you burn that shit. And don’t just burn the paper, let it leave you forever. Maybe you are burning an attachment to something that doesn’t serve you anymore like body image issues, a shit boyfriend or smoking cigarettes; whatever it is that ails ya; let this space exist to let it go.

This is a simple Full Moon Ceremony that can be done for party of one at home, or if you really want to get witchy, you can do it with your friends or join a hippie tribe of moon worshipers.


Astrology and the Full Moon: This is a bit tricky to explain without going deeply into what astrology and moon signs are. In a nutshell, the moon moves through the zodiac and as the new moon and full moon land in different signs they affect different areas in our lives. A full moon in Leo is a time of creative harvest. A full moon in Taurus will bring us issues around security. Generally speaking, whatever your sign is (moon, sun and ascendant together) you will be affected most by a full moon falling into your sign or element. For instance, my Sun is in Taurus, my Moon is in Capricorn and my Ascendant is in Virgo: all three are earth. I also have a lot of earth and specifically Taurus in my sign, so a full moon in Taurus is a super intense time for me – leading up to the moon all kinds of aspects of the sign/element come up. Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. But also, this full moon is a good time for me to allow those aspects of the sign to come to fruition. To give away what doesn’t serve me and allow what does. To find out what your sign is, log into to Astro.com. For more on the moon phases and the zodiac, I recommend Chani Nichols.


If you live in Antigua, Guatemala – I host a full moon ceremony with my friend Olenka where we do yoga, and meditation and a fire ceremony on the full moon every month which you are welcome to join any time.

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