Desa Seni , Canggu – Bali

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Every yoga studio has a vibe, a sort of personality onto itself.  Desa Seni, a high end eco resort and retreat space in Canggu, Bali is definitely the celebrity rehab of yoga studios on the island – the vibe is chic, LA rich mommies on vacation, but don’t let that fool you – there is little ego here.

I used to live up the street on a rice field, in a more local part of town (read: affordable) but you bet your ass I went to Desa Seni regularly. Sure I could never afford one of their teacher trainings or a retreat or even to stay in one of their tricked out cabins, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t eat at their delicious restaurant (incredible vegetarian food and service) or take one of their top notch classes.


One of the delicious byproducts of Asia that we just do not have in the Americas, is that it seems every teacher is top notch. Spit, and you’ll hit fifty yoga teachers, all of whom have 15-30 years experience and the best on the island are at Desa Seni. And just because it’s chic and high end does not mean that there is a ton of ego there, in fact, it’s the opposite – I found the teachers welcoming and inspiring and open to all levels, no matter where you’re at. I was a very new teacher when I lived in Bali and had no hope in hell of ever teaching at Desa Seni, but I was open to learn and in the classes I took I got great tricks on adjustments and more intermediate and advanced postures from the teachers.


The schedule includes everything from daily Kundalini, hatha, vinyasa and yin with a healthy dose of meditation, acro and yoga nidra in for good measure – they even have a regular NA (Narcotic Anonymous) 11th step meditation, cause they’re modern like that. But what is best about Desa Seni is their full moon ceremonies. I LOVED doing them regularly. There is a lot more moon worship in the yoga community in Asia and Bali has got that market cornered. The full moon ceremonies are open to the community and they’re a great way to meet other mindful expats and tourists. Usually there is a heart centre focus, some kirtan and asana, sometimes food and tea ceremonies. All fun alternative ways to enjoy a Friday night! It’s only 10USD a class and after you can stay for a delicious meal or a dip in the pool. It really is living the life. For full schedule, click here.