Source Farm-Yoga in Jamaica

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If you Google search: yoga + Jamaica, you’ll only get tourist spots. Bikram and Negril Yoga and other spots on the North shore. No shade for those places, they are businesses and everyone has a right to own one, but I was not looking to hang out with tourists at an all-inclusive when I booked my flight to Jamaica in search of something more. Fun Fact #1: did you know that tourism is part of the reason why Jamaica has remained poor? Foreign nationals own most of the hotels and services and…read more

Lover and Beloved, Tantra 2 at Inanitah

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I took a tantra course last fall on the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua at a lovely intentional community called, Inanitah. It was by far the most terrifying experience of my life. Maybe that means I’ve had a pretty cushy life, but either way it was the most incredible and brutal thing I’ve but myself through to date. I wrote about it here a while back. The course is actually three weeks in length but can be taken in individual, week-long modules. After completing the first week, Self and Source, I…read more

Mystical Yoga Farm-Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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I had the pleasure of spending the weekend at the Mystical Yoga Farm near Santiago on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala this weekend. It’s the off season right now, so my friend Grace and I had the place all to ourselves. Luckily, my good friend Jah is the manager and put together a lovely getaway package for us. For $45 USD a night you get to stay either in a dorm or a private casita, have three delicious meals which are made from produce grown on the farm as much as…read more

A Weekend in St. John’s, Newfoundland

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DAY 1 I’ve just spent a few days in St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and the most Eastern city in Canada. It’s the 20th largest in the country; which means it’s just a bit bigger than Barrie, ON and a bit smaller than Sherbrooke, QC. You wouldn’t know how small it is if you went on the shocking number of yoga studios (about the same as Montreal, the second largest city in Canada) or on prices (rental and housing prices are somewhere between Montreal and Toronto) and it doesn’t…read more

Smoking DMT in Ceremony

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I came back to city living after 6 months in the tropics in mostly sustainable environments (that means local food, no refrigeration, spring water on tap and compost toilets) and it was a lot harder than I thought. I was prepared for the culture shock of returning since I have had to go through the re-entry process yearly for the past 6 years, but this time was different. I could literally feel the stress in the air and my body didn’t respond well. First I burst into tears in the…read more


Inanitah: Tantra, Community and Yoga in Nicaragua

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The average hippie traveling through Central America, has heard something along the way of Inanitah, but few have actually trekked to Ometepe to see it for themselves. What is it exactly? It’s a permaculture community-i.e. it’s a sustainable community moving towards completely closed loop systems. They have compost toilets, cobb built housing and communal buildings; they’re cooking food on open fire and powering a hot tub with fire as well; they are using their water storage as a fresh water pool for guests part of the week and above all,…read more

30 Day Challenge: Heart Chakra Meditation

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I just finished a 30 day challenge opening my heart chakra using this simple meditation. The very first time I tried it was almost a year ago to the month at an intentional community called Inanitah on the beautiful island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. The basics are that you stand with your hands on your heart and for under 7 minutes of a song by Karunesh, you take a steps forward, first with your right foot, letting your right hand move forward, then your left with the left hand; each…read more

The Beaches: Maderas, Marsella and Hermosa (San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua)

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As previously noted, San Juan Del Sur is more of a night life spot, a pass through on your way to something beachier. The town is quaint and cute and worth a few days, but most of the visitors are spending their day-time at the surrounding beaches. MADERAS   Maderas Beach is about a 30 minute ride from town. There is a regular shuttle that leaves from Casa Oro in town and takes people (and surf boards) for $5 return. The first one leaves at 7:30am and the last one…read more

San Juan Del Sur Sober

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  There is a lot written about hot new vacation destination in Nicaragua, San Juan Del Sur. There’s the pool-hopping party juggernaut, Sunday Funday, Canadian run bars like The Loose Moose where you get a shirt for taking 7 Bloody Cesar shots in a row, and tacos out the ears. But where is the yoga? Is it possible to have a great time in this beach town if you’re not half cut and cruising for a one-night stand? I say, “hell yes” and here’s how. FOOD After a couple months…read more

Las Piramides San Marcos, Guatemala

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Las Piramides Del Ka is located in the tiny hippie enclave of San Marcos on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. It’s one of the longest standing centres in a town filled with healers, yogis, mystics and of course, weirdos. But Las Piramides is the real mccoy. You can tell the moment you walk through the gates into their extensive gardens-the vibe is mas tranquilo. I first heard of it when i was traveling through Central America in December of 2013. I kept meeting these hyper focused normal men and women (mostly young…read more