Female Orgasm: The Yoga of Creativity

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I recently read “Vagina” by Naomi Wolf. It’s a biography about the physical, allegorical, and scientific link between women’s vaginas, their creativity and sense of self. I was riveted; sitting on the subway with the word, “VAGINA”, splashed brazenly across the front of a giant hardcover. There were parts that made me squirm (the link between rape in war and taking of a person’s soul), it made me cry, it made me curious (female artists throughout history creating their best works when they were having certain kinds of orgasm), and…read more

Getting Out Of The Woods: Yoga For Depression

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I don’t want to say that I suffer from depression, because it makes me feel like a victim, and victimized was my main emotional sentiment around depression for years. I’d rather just say that I have been blue a lot throughout my life. As a child, I saw psychologists and continued with mental therapy up into my 20s. I have been diagnosed with depression, bi polar disorder and adult ADD. I have taken many forms of drugs, prescribed by professionals and none of them were right for me. In fact,…read more

The Smoking Yogi

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I started smoking cigarettes officially when I was thirteen although I made an attempt many years before when I was only about seven years old and my mother left a cigarette burning in the bathroom. It was the 80s, mom’s did that then. I crept into the bathroom when she was gone, grabbed the cigarette and put my lips tights around the end and blew as hard as I could into it. I didn’t see what the point was then. By grade eight, I had learned that you had to…read more

Alpacas of Newfoundland

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The Port Au Port peninsula is only a half hour drive from Stephenville in South Western Newfoundland. It’s worth a weekend trip in and of itself if you are on the west coast for any amount of time. You can stay at the Inn On the Cape at Cape St. George, check out the numerous trails, take in the stunning cliff side views and hang out on one of the few sandy beaches in Newfoundland at the Piccadilly campground. If you need a point of reference, it takes about an…read more

Getting My Chant On With Yoga’s Rockstar-Krishna Das

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It’s been 6 years since Krishna Das has been through Toronto. And I had the pleasure of seeing him at Metro Hall, a stunningly gorgeous gothic church with a few hundred other old hippies. Who’s Krishna Das? This white guy right here. He’s the best selling western call-and-response artist of all time, he’s even been nominated for a Grammy. He also sounds a bit like Dave Matthews if that’s your thing. So Kirtan is a form of Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion. There’s a lot of chanting in all Bhakti…read more