Studio Y Antigua, Guatemala

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Nestled between three volcanos, just one our outside of Guatemala City is the smaller (only 40,000 residence), older and far more charming town of Antigua. It’s an expat city with more than 30% of the population coming from outside the country and culture. It’s also a huge tourist destination. This is where people come to learn Spanish or teach English or to soak up some history among the many ruins on their way to the next rural area in Guatemala. There’s a few yoga studios in town, but so far…read more

Moksha Yoga St. John’s, Newfoundland

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  For a long time I’ve wanted to review a Moksha studio, and although there are many that I have tried (and liked) across Canada, none really struck me as living up to the promise of “Community Support” which is one of the seven pillars of Moksha (although the Montreal studio is very close), until I went to Moksha Yoga St. John’s. What is Moksha Yoga? Moksha was dreamt up by Jessica Robertson and Ted Grand in Toronto in 2004. It’s a series of traditional yoga postures (40) performed in…read more

Ak’Bol Yoga Retreat, Ambergris Caye, Belize

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Belize is gorgeous. 90,000 people on a piece of land about twice the size of Jamaica, maybe a bit more, and almost half of it is protected natural reserve. They love their environment there and the locals, who range from American looking white people to Caribbean dreads, to squat Mayans, know a lot about nature. It’s all very Canadian and feels like Canada in the south in a lot of ways-especially the more nature-loving Western Canada part. Belize and the Cayes are known for snorkelling since it’s the largest reef…read more

Playa El Cuco, El Salvador

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  I had the pleasure of teaching at a beautiful hotel on the beach in El Salvador in February and I’mma tell you all about it. La Tortuga Verde is one part beach resort, one part hostel, tucked on a secluded stretch of beach in southern El Salvador. You can either rent a swanky home with a pool to sleep 10 on the property or a dorm bed for $10 or you can even camp right on the beach at their second location, referred to solely as “Del Mar”. It’s…read more

Sivananda Ashram Val-Morin, Quebec

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  In my travels through Central America as a yoga teacher, I meet many many yogini’s along the way. There’s more new teachers here than anywhere else in the world it seems (although clearly there is a very solid case to be made for India). Costa Rica is churning them out like Big Macs these days. But I’m often surprised that so few are aware of traditional forms of yoga, as in the Four Paths: Jhana, Karma, Bhakti, and Raja. Sure, most people have heard of Ashtanga (Raja) but so…read more

Yoga on Ometepe, Nicaragua

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  Ometepe is a beautiful volcanic island in the middle of lake Nicaragua on the West coast of the country. One one side, there is the active, fiery Conception, and on the opposite, the watery dormant, Maderas. This pull between fire and water is what gives the island it’s special energy. My preference is the Maderas side of the island, where the days melt by in hammocks, or walking through farmers fields of plantain, rice and beans and the best grapefruits you have ever had the pleasure to touch to…read more

Float Suspension Yoga

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I recently tried suspension yoga. I have to admit, I was reluctant. Not because I would be suspended, but because it’s graceful as shit, and I am not graceful at all. All the ladies who do suspension yoga are long and lithe and they can wear a Danskin one piece with spaghetti straps and there isn’t a bulge or wrinkle on them. I’m built like a third-generation Italian construction worker and about as graceful as a hockey player at a pole-dancing class.