Full Moon Manifestation

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The Full Moon is a time of completion  and letting go. If you are one of these hippies (so many of my friends) who lives your life by the moon cycle instead of the calendar’s you buy at Office Depot, then you are using both the new moon and full moon to manifest your destiny. The new moon is the time to plant seeds and the full moon is the time to harvest them. There is also an astrological angle – where are these moons landing in your birth chart…read more

The Yoga Sprinkle – All Day Yoga Practice for Moms and Busy People

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If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I have recently had a baby and I am desperately trying to get back into my yoga practice. It’s not going so well. Being a single mom, means I’m with my daughter all the time. She also refuses to take a bottle, no matter what I have tried, so leaving her for long periods doesn’t work so well (long is a yoga practice). I have recently started doing yoga all day long in tiny little 5 minute spurts and it’s working…read more

Retreating into Darkness

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Jyotir is a long time friend and no-nonsense hippie on what we call “the path” around these parts. He’s also old hat at sensory deprivation meditation and agreed to tell us his thoughts on dark retreats. *** I took my first dark retreat in Guatemala, in a vacant building on a dirt road between two towns on Lake Atitlan. The top half of the building was unoccupied (except perhaps by the ghosts of my imagination) and the bottom half was four  adobe walls with a hobbit-sized door and no windows….read more

10 Minute Meditation for Beginner Minds

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My meditation practice is completely gone. The most I can manage as a daily practice is morning prayer and puja to Ganesha with a little kirtan while I make breakfast. Being super super pregnant, I cannot do asana practice like I could and that has helped flushed the remainder of my meditation practice down the toilet. But I need to get back and my ego has fully surrendered that I need to start at step 1. Here are my top 10 minute meditations. Set a timer, try them all. Mindfulness…read more

Removing Anger: How to get through the real deep sh*t

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  I just spent the last seven months of my pregnancy trying to make a relationship work with the father. We got pregnant on a first date and after dating for a few weeks, called it quits – only to find out we were pregnant. My initial gut instinct was to do it on my own, I didn’t feel he had any desire to be a father and truth be told, he was not that into me. But he wanted to be involved and he wanted to be in a…read more

Ridin’ Dirty – Getting Back Into Your Daily Practice

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I have had a daily or almost-daily practice for close to five years. It started off with a daily exercise regime, then I became a yoga teacher and that reset my schedule to include daily meditation and yoga. Over the years, it’s become a lot looser; I exercise daily, practice some form of yoga, whether it be breath work or meditation or asana. I don’t over think it, but I knew I needed it- every day. Then I got pregnant. In the beginning I had a lot of resentment towards…read more

Getting Out Of The Woods: Yoga For Depression

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I don’t want to say that I suffer from depression, because it makes me feel like a victim, and victimized was my main emotional sentiment around depression for years. I’d rather just say that I have been blue a lot throughout my life. As a child, I saw psychologists and continued with mental therapy up into my 20s. I have been diagnosed with depression, bi polar disorder and adult ADD. I have taken many forms of drugs, prescribed by professionals and none of them were right for me. In fact,…read more

Zazen Meditation

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  Zazen is the Japanese word for “seated meditation”. Zen meditation is the form that Buddhists use (for the most part) and is widely practiced all over the world. It’s one of the simplest and oldest forms of meditation but can be very difficult to practice in these rapid, monkey-mind times we live in. How It Works: It’s important to sit properly for this. You can sit on the floor or against a wall with your legs crossed (the traditional is full lotus, but let’s be real, not many people…read more


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  Puja means honour and devotion and homage. It’s the Hindu worship of gods. If you ever travel to Bali, you’ll see thousands of little baskets left at opened doors of shops and homes with flowers and food and incense left as puja for the gods. You can do a sunrise puja to welcome the day or a puja to your own personal deity. Catholics also love to do puja, leaving offerings at the feet of statues of Jesus and lighting candles then kneeling to pray in front of their…read more

Meditation for Monkey Minds i.e. Normal People

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So you want to meditate but you can’t stay focused on your breath for more than 3 seconds before your mind is all wandering and making grocery lists and reminding you to make that appointment you forgot ten times this week? Same here. Same everywhere. No one’s good at meditation, that’s the point. You’re getting there. The getting there IS the point. Meditation is so beneficial for the mind and body, that there’s too much to even list here. If I told you that I have a miracle pill that…read more