The Art Warehouse – San Juan Del Sur

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A few years ago, I wrote a piece here called, “San Juan Del Sur Sober”,where I outlined all the good stuff to do in this boozy tourist town in South Nicaragua that didn’t include booze. A lot has changed in a few years. First off, El Gato Negro, a pilar of the SJDS day community and hands down the best book store and cafe vibes in all of Central America (yes, I am going THAT far) has sadly closed, leaving a huge hole in the alterna market. Buddha’s Garden, which…read more

How to Make Your Own Essential Oils

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Making essential oils is slightly time consuming but the payoff is huge since the price of oils at the store can be aggressive. Making it at home is cheap as chips and easy enough that really anyone can do it. There’s two ways to “cure” the oils, it just depends on how impatient you are. You can do it the full-on natural way, by leaving the oils in the sun for three to six weeks to percolate and turn into the juiciness that will be your infusion, or you can cook…read more

If You Eat Meat, Are You Really A Yogi?

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Can you eat meat and be a yogi? While the short answer is “no”, it’s not as simple as a short answer is it? From an environmental standpoint it is crystal clear that we as a people need to cut down or stop eating meat. As a very good friend of mine once said, “if you believe in humanity, you have to cut down on how much meat you eat.” Once a week each for chicken, eggs and fish seems reasonable, but fast food and a beef heavy diet are…read more

A Weekend in St. John’s, Newfoundland

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DAY 1 I’ve just spent a few days in St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and the most Eastern city in Canada. It’s the 20th largest in the country; which means it’s just a bit bigger than Barrie, ON and a bit smaller than Sherbrooke, QC. You wouldn’t know how small it is if you went on the shocking number of yoga studios (about the same as Montreal, the second largest city in Canada) or on prices (rental and housing prices are somewhere between Montreal and Toronto) and it doesn’t…read more

Farm To Table: Cooking With Love

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I’m from the Western world. Land of organic, grass fed, non-toxic, free-range etc. The place of mowed lawns and orderly lineups, and if you’re from a city, then you also really like transit systems and take out. There is SO much information about food these days. There are people who believe that organic is the best, and people who fight for GMO foods, claiming it will solve the problem of abundance. There are literally hundreds of thousands of articles about dieting from high protein to high carb, whole foods to…read more

San Juan Del Sur Sober

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  There is a lot written about hot new vacation destination in Nicaragua, San Juan Del Sur. There’s the pool-hopping party juggernaut, Sunday Funday, Canadian run bars like The Loose Moose where you get a shirt for taking 7 Bloody Cesar shots in a row, and tacos out the ears. But where is the yoga? Is it possible to have a great time in this beach town if you’re not half cut and cruising for a one-night stand? I say, “hell yes” and here’s how. FOOD After a couple months…read more

3 Day Juice Cleanse-for Beginners

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Here in lies a post about the first cleanse I ever did. I’ve tried lots of others, but this was the one that gave me the best results. It was simple and easy and I followed the directions to the letter. Anyone can do this and everyone I have recommended it to has felt the same great benefits. The Tools (all procured from Whole Foods): Psyllium Husk powder, Bentonite Clay, three 3.5 litre bottle of unfiltered, 100% pure apple juice (you might only go through two, but better safe than…read more


Green Smoothie

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  So many people are touting smoothies as the way to go for diet and weight loss and health, and anything else they can throw in there. But is it true? Hell yes it is. Yogis have been on the green smoothie tip for ages. The benefit of blending your greens is the basic idea that breaking them up allows more nutrients into your system with a high volume of veggies. It’s an easy way to eat 2 cups of kale or dark leafy lettuce. And they’re delicious. Harley Pasternak,…read more