Anna Yoga – The Yoga of Food

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Anna Yoga is the yoga of food and nourishment. It’s not holding some Instagram level posture while eating a smoothie bowl, or being the most strict raw vegan in New York City, it has absolutely nothing to do with ego, looks, or even what you eat.

Annapurna is the name of the Indian goddess of food and nourishment; she is said to have fed the world. In the Hindu faith, food worship and including items of food in daily worship/offerings is a common and prt of daily prayers.


How do you practice Anna Yoga? Put some intention into your food. We so often eat mindlessly, stressed out, on the go, or whilst doing something else – I literally JUST ate a chocolate chip cookie while reading about Anna Yoga and simultaneously texting my mom. Fully unconscious.

Here’s two very easy ways to practice:

1. Conscious Eating

Try this for a week: Make your breakfast in the morning (no, a coffee does not count). If you don’t like eating much in the morning, even a cut fruit will do. While you make your breakfast, concentrate on the food, be grateful for that food. Every piece of fruit is picked by hand, thank the person who picked it for you. Think of where the food came from to get to you, be thankful for that. Then sit down to eat it without any distractions like reading, texting, talking, or watching TV; and just eat your food in silence. Concentrate only on eating your food.

You can do this with all your meals but I recommend just starting with breakfast, the simplest, for a week and see how that feels.


2. Conscious Cooking

There is a reason that a home- cooked meal tastes so good; cause someone who loves you made it for you. My mom came with me to the emergency room of a hospital once with sushi and a chocolate bar and it was better than any other I’ve eaten. Similarly, she makes a very simple broth soup whenever I have a cold and I SWEAR it cures me every time. She cooks with love, there is a clear intention in it. They say that a mother’s love is the closest you will get to divine love, so you are eating god’s love there pal – that is some high vibrational stuff.

Similarly, if you have ever eaten at a church, temple, or mosque, you will most likely remember two things: the food was simple and it was delicious. The love counts.

When you are cooking a meal for yourself or others, think about the person you are making it for and how much you love them and want to nourish them. Try to hold that loving intention while you cook and see if the food tastes any different – or if you get some positive loving feedback.



Please feel free to leave your feedback on Anna Yoga below. I would love to hear your stories of conscious cooking and eating with love.

cover photo: Brenda Godinez