A Guide to Yoga In Antigua, Guatemala

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Antigua, Guatemala has been my home for the past two years on and off. One of the frustrations I found moving here, and hopefully I will help solve for anyone coming through in future, is that it was really hard to get reliable information on what kind of yoga was available in town. Even though it’s a tourist town where everyone is promoting 24-7 to the tsunami of tourists coming through, there are often only a few players on the advertising field and like many places, it takes time and effort to find what you’re really looking for. The following is a list of the yoga spots I recommend.

Studio Y – 4th Calle Oriente (inside Conception ruin)

Studio Y hosts a full yoga schedule and is one of three legit studios in town. Classes are twice a day in off season (May-October) and three times a day in high season (November – April), usually an 8/9am and a 6PM daily. Styles range from Power Vinyasa to traditional Hatha, Yin, and Restorative. Teachers are mostly bi-lingual and teach to the majority of the crowd. It’s the cheapest one-off class in town as well at 40Q a pop. They also do a monthly yoga class at Earth Lodge for 20Q on the third Sunday over every month at 10AM that  I teach and attracts 30+ people most of the time.


Nomad Yoga Shala – email for directions nomadyogashala@gmail.com

It’s a little out of town but you can catch a cab there for cheap since it’s only a 5 minute drive, and it’s worth it since this is the only place in town where you can get authentic Indian style yoga with a few decades of experience behind it. The owner and main teacher has studied for over a decade in India and even does a proper Ashtanga MySore class on Monday mornings at 8:30AM. There is also a lead Ashtanga class Thursday mornings at the same time. The shala is set in a gated community surrounded by a beautiful garden and although classes are mostly in Spanish, she can help you in English too. First class free, 70Q after that.


Antigua You Centre – 4th Calle Oriente

Antigua Yoga Centre offers Mysore as well as guest teachers and fun stuff like sound baths. Their schedule offers classes twice a day regularly ranging from hatha to yin, and most notably have a Friday evening class (6PM) and Sat morning (10AM) Led Ashtanga class with Vito who studied with Pattabhi Jois (yoga god) and helped to open OM Yoga in the city (most recognized Ashtanga centre in Guatemala). They are also partnered with Caoba Farms, the only organic, local farm in town. They have a great weekly farmer’s market on Saturdays which is only about a year old and includes artisan products, lots of food and live music. The Centre does a Sunday yoga class there for 30Q donation as well, mat’s included. The cafe is open and the setting is beautiful.  21743675_1911107715817258_5560637964391893887_o

Shakti Shala – 4th Calle Oriente

A weird thing happened in the last two years in Antigua. Studio Y was the main studio, then Antigua Yoga Centre opened on 4th street and now, Shakti Shala has opened on the same street. So Antigua went from having classes here and there to having three full on studios in the span of two years on ONE street.

Shakti Shala is the most tricked out of the three. They have a private bathroom, a separate smoothie bar and they have the most extensive schedule. It’s Ashtanga based and they offer lots of intro classes as well as free Pranayama and Meditation daily but also shortened 45 minute lunch class called the Shakti 45.

The launch was so much fun and just happened. It’s 55Q a class and well worth it for Mysore or lead Ashtanga.


 Cover Photo: Oluwakemi Solaja