3 Day Juice Cleanse-for Beginners

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Here in lies a post about the first cleanse I ever did. I’ve tried lots of others, but this was the one that gave me the best results. It was simple and easy and I followed the directions to the letter. Anyone can do this and everyone I have recommended it to has felt the same great benefits.


The Tools (all procured from Whole Foods):

Psyllium Husk powder, Bentonite Clay, three 3.5 litre bottle of unfiltered, 100% pure apple juice (you might only go through two, but better safe than hungry) and some digestive pills my cleanse master, Nicola Stephenson, sent to me (there are several at in the supplements section, ask for help if you can’t decide).

The Basics:

Every morning wake with a glass of purified water (if you don’t have access to a lot of purified water then boil a big pot for a half hour the night before to get all the gross city junk out) + 1 tbsp psyllium husk, 1 tbsp bentonite clay, mix and drink it down. Chase it with a glass of apple juice. Essentially you drink a glass of apple juice every two hours after that (everyone wants to know how much they should be drinking and the answer is: as much as you like, if you consume 3,000 calories in juice, don’t worry about it). Around 4PM you take another glass of the psyllium husk, bentonite clay combo. 2 digestive pills before bed, and voila, you’re cleansing. I planned on 3 days, but it turned out I needed 4 in the end.

Health Incentives:

Some of the common health benefits include: organ rejuvenation, especially the liver, strengthening digestion, and eliminating toxins from the system. The added bonuses are sometimes a lot more seductive: clearer skin, lowered cravings for sugar/salt/fat and of course, weight loss. There is also an underlying emotional tone. In letting go of physical toxins in your body, surely you must let go emotionally. And here in lies the rub I was looking for.

Preparing for the cleanse:

Leading up to the cleanse days, I spent three days eating a much cleaner diet of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lots of water. You are advised to cut out: meat, dairy, eggs, fish, alcohol and caffeine. For a lot of people, the three days prep is a nice cleanse for their bodies already. For me, it mostly just meant giving up the odd bit of fish or eggs and some hot sauce, since I don’t eat much of the rest. I also cut out all rice and bread on the last day, and tried to stick to whole plain foods without sauces. I’m so thankful that I stuck close tot his diet, because it made the not-eating part of the cleanse much easier. It’s super important to do the three lead in days, which are sometimes harder than not eating altogether. Try to treat it like fun rather than a food prison sentence, it’s just a few days and the benefits far outweigh the detriment.

Cleansing 3 days of bliss:

I chose a weekend when I didn’t have much on the go and got amongst the cleanse right away Saturday morning (this is now my top tip for people doing their first cleanse-start on a weekend when you have no other distractions or stresses, treat it like a weekend at the spa, but for your insides). I was surprised at how filling the apple juice was and after a few cglasses and a green tea (you can have herbal tea if you want), I had zero desire for food. Every time I got even a little hungry, I just drank a glass of apple juice, and I stuck to the schedule to avoid getting hungry at all. I also took a yoga class a day, cut out television and read a book over the course of the weekend. On the first day, I had to have a nap halfway through and there was a moment when my cousin ate a tofu and mushroom wrap in front of me that I felt particularly jealous. Other than the wrap eating and a solid hour where I felt an overwhelming urge to eat chicken wings and those giant, Christmas sized Toblerone bars, I was fine with the tea and apple juice.

They say that you “expel” a lot when you cleanse. Yeah, well I didn’t. Not in three days. I was worried by Monday when nothing had happened in the downstairs. I asked Nicola, my cleanse master, what that could mean, and she replied pretty plainly, “you are clearly holding on to something.”

The upside was that immediately when I started the cleanse, I stopped having the nightmares I’d been plagued with for a month and everyone complimented me on my skin wherever I went. But on Sunday night I tossed and turned with a familiar nightmare of heartache. By Monday I was starting to worry that I had done something horrible to my body and I was never going to poop again and then good friend inquired about a lover I had recently parted with, and I suddenly felt an urge to uh…eliminate. And thus the mystery of what I might have been holding onto was solved.

I decided to keep the cleanse up for a fourth day after that, and would have gone longer had I not had a trip to see family in Newfoundland (where they do not cleanse as far as I know) and I didn’t want to be breaking a cleanse surrounded by fried bread and salt fish.

Breaking the cleanse:

Even though you miss chewing and you are dying to eat all kinds of tasty stuff, you can’t just Jabba-The-Hut your cleanse breakaway. For me it was Vietnamese food. I just wanted to sit amongst a bathtub sized pho and gorge. I went with my stepfather to an uptown Vietnamese restaurant, but I asked for a plain mango salad with no dressing or peanuts, and steamed bok choy. It was the tastiest meal I’d ever had, even though the combo of raw onions and mango was a little rough on my tummy. For two days after I ate fruits and veggies only, and continued to take the psyllium husk/bentonite clay combo in the morning and the digestive pills at night.

Overall, I feel a lot better having done the cleanse. My mind was quieter and clearer, and my stomach bloat was completely gone (in fact, I was surprised to find out I lost 5lbs, mostly water though, I gained half back in two days). A week later, I was still having trouble with heavy fish or eggs, in fact, I wasn’t even interested in them at all. I also noticed that my concentration and dedication level with boxing and exercise doubled. Without one minute of training, I managed to improve my game by 50%. I’d recommend this to anyone going through an emotional time, anyone who feels tired, down, or lost. In fact, I’d recommend this to everyone I know.