Bandhas: Lock Your Way to Real Core Strength

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When I learned to teach yoga, I got kinda yoga fat. I know there is this idea of a yoga butt at home, but I think it’s for people who are not doing anything previous to taking up an asana practice. I came to yoga straight off 6 months of training for a boxing match. I was muscular, I had exceptional cardio, and I was strong af. One month of daily Ashtanga asana practice and sitting on a clay floor taking notes all afternoon made me doughy. Apparently it’s pretty…read more

Pregnancy + Yoga

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I found out just over a month ago that I’m pregnant. Great news right? Mine came at a strange time in my life. The father and I conceived on our first date and found out close to a month later, when we had decided to just be friends. Many tears, lies, fights, ups and downs later, we’re now three months pregnant, living together and looking forward to welcoming our first baby but also taking our time falling in love with each other – one shaky step at a time. I…read more