Kriya Yoga: Let’s Get Weird

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Kriya Yoga is an ancient form of yoga that was ushered into modern times by Pramahansa Yogananda in his famous work: Autobiography of A Yogi. In a nutshell it is the practice of discipline, self study and surrender. “Kriya” is a Sanskrit word and it means, “to do an action or deed”. In Kundalini yoga, a kriya is any complete action that is meant to achieve a specific result-this breaks down into a lot of different cleansing breath techniques in Kundalini. In Ashtanga, “kriya’s” are cleansing practices that are supposed to…read more


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Ayurveda is a 5,000 system of healing. In some ways it feels new because it’s experiencing a resurgence in both India, it’s home country, and the world at large. This system is based on prevention, much like Chinese medicine and because it was suppressed during foreign occupation in India, it has the new system feel to it. Without getting too much into the Vedic origins, here’s my basic breakdown of how ayurveda works: 1. Dosha types. There are three Dosha types: Kappha, which is a slower, more square person who…read more

Lover and Beloved, Tantra 2 at Inanitah

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I took a tantra course last fall on the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua at a lovely intentional community called, Inanitah. It was by far the most terrifying experience of my life. Maybe that means I’ve had a pretty cushy life, but either way it was the most incredible and brutal thing I’ve but myself through to date. I wrote about it here a while back. The course is actually three weeks in length but can be taken in individual, week-long modules. After completing the first week, Self and Source, I…read more

Intro To Reflexology-How To Touch Someone’s Heart With Your Hands

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  In February of this year, I was lucky to have attended an incredible gathering of creative people on the beach in El Salvador called Equilibrio. It was part workshop, party celebration, full on deep beach. During the day I taught workshops-yoga and meditation and how to make shampoo, and I also took some too. Travel Writing and Reflexology being the two standout tracks to what was one of the best mix-tapes of a weekend event I’ve ever attended. In reflexology we learned the basics: which part of your feet…read more