The Smoking Yogi

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I started smoking cigarettes officially when I was thirteen although I made an attempt many years before when I was only about seven years old and my mother left a cigarette burning in the bathroom. It was the 80s, mom’s did that then. I crept into the bathroom when she was gone, grabbed the cigarette and put my lips tights around the end and blew as hard as I could into it. I didn’t see what the point was then. By grade eight, I had learned that you had to…read more

Mystical Yoga Farm-Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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I had the pleasure of spending the weekend at the Mystical Yoga Farm near Santiago on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala this weekend. It’s the off season right now, so my friend Grace and I had the place all to ourselves. Luckily, my good friend Jah is the manager and put together a lovely getaway package for us. For $45 USD a night you get to stay either in a dorm or a private casita, have three delicious meals which are made from produce grown on the farm as much as…read more

Studio Y Antigua, Guatemala

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Nestled between three volcanos, just one our outside of Guatemala City is the smaller (only 40,000 residence), older and far more charming town of Antigua. It’s an expat city with more than 30% of the population coming from outside the country and culture. It’s also a huge tourist destination. This is where people come to learn Spanish or teach English or to soak up some history among the many ruins on their way to the next rural area in Guatemala. There’s a few yoga studios in town, but so far…read more

Yoga for Svadhisthana, the Sex Chakra

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The second chakra of the main 7-chakra channel is referred to loosely as the “sex chakra”. In sanskrit it’s called “svadhisthana” meaning, “ones own abode” but also to “taste with pleasure”. This is the seat of creativity, the water or flow in the your body. It’s ground zero of your emotional self and the place where pleasure resides. This is where the butterflies from a first kiss come from and the enjoyment in the finer things in life, like good chocolate and wine and the place that art is created…read more