Smoking DMT in Ceremony

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I came back to city living after 6 months in the tropics in mostly sustainable environments (that means local food, no refrigeration, spring water on tap and compost toilets) and it was a lot harder than I thought. I was prepared for the culture shock of returning since I have had to go through the re-entry process yearly for the past 6 years, but this time was different. I could literally feel the stress in the air and my body didn’t respond well. First I burst into tears in the…read more


Farm To Table: Cooking With Love

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I’m from the Western world. Land of organic, grass fed, non-toxic, free-range etc. The place of mowed lawns and orderly lineups, and if you’re from a city, then you also really like transit systems and take out. There is SO much information about food these days. There are people who believe that organic is the best, and people who fight for GMO foods, claiming it will solve the problem of abundance. There are literally hundreds of thousands of articles about dieting from high protein to high carb, whole foods to…read more

So You Wanna Be Hardcore? Ashtanga Yoga

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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a modern form of classical Indian yoga. Sri. Pattabhi Jois started the Ashtanga Institute in Mysore, India in 1948 and taught up until his death at 93 years old in 2009. The cool part about it is that you can still learn from teachers who learned from Jois himself. My teacher, Mark Ansari, studied with Jois in the late 70s in London and is the full-on, old-school asana-junkie Ashtangi. It’s the kind of thing you will love or hate, but you have to commit to it…read more

Playa El Cuco, El Salvador

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  I had the pleasure of teaching at a beautiful hotel on the beach in El Salvador in February and I’mma tell you all about it. La Tortuga Verde is one part beach resort, one part hostel, tucked on a secluded stretch of beach in southern El Salvador. You can either rent a swanky home with a pool to sleep 10 on the property or a dorm bed for $10 or you can even camp right on the beach at their second location, referred to solely as “Del Mar”. It’s…read more