Yoga for Manipura Chakra-30 Day Challenge

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  Manipura is the name of the third chakra of the seven main chakra’s in the central nadi system. So what does that mean? A chakra is an energy centre in the body and having clear chakra centres, means the energy can flow from the root (Muladara) to the crown of your head (Sarasrara). When there are blockages in the energy centres, we can experience all kinds of wonky energy that manifests emotionally as well as physically. The Manipura chakra is located a few inches above the belly button, near…read more

Meditation for Monkey Minds i.e. Normal People

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So you want to meditate but you can’t stay focused on your breath for more than 3 seconds before your mind is all wandering and making grocery lists and reminding you to make that appointment you forgot ten times this week? Same here. Same everywhere. No one’s good at meditation, that’s the point. You’re getting there. The getting there IS the point. Meditation is so beneficial for the mind and body, that there’s too much to even list here. If I told you that I have a miracle pill that…read more

Inanitah: Tantra, Community and Yoga in Nicaragua

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The average hippie traveling through Central America, has heard something along the way of Inanitah, but few have actually trekked to Ometepe to see it for themselves. What is it exactly? It’s a permaculture community-i.e. it’s a sustainable community moving towards completely closed loop systems. They have compost toilets, cobb built housing and communal buildings; they’re cooking food on open fire and powering a hot tub with fire as well; they are using their water storage as a fresh water pool for guests part of the week and above all,…read more

Sivananda Ashram Val-Morin, Quebec

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  In my travels through Central America as a yoga teacher, I meet many many yogini’s along the way. There’s more new teachers here than anywhere else in the world it seems (although clearly there is a very solid case to be made for India). Costa Rica is churning them out like Big Macs these days. But I’m often surprised that so few are aware of traditional forms of yoga, as in the Four Paths: Jhana, Karma, Bhakti, and Raja. Sure, most people have heard of Ashtanga (Raja) but so…read more