Yoga on Ometepe, Nicaragua

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  Ometepe is a beautiful volcanic island in the middle of lake Nicaragua on the West coast of the country. One one side, there is the active, fiery Conception, and on the opposite, the watery dormant, Maderas. This pull between fire and water is what gives the island it’s special energy. My preference is the Maderas side of the island, where the days melt by in hammocks, or walking through farmers fields of plantain, rice and beans and the best grapefruits you have ever had the pleasure to touch to…read more

30 Day Challenge: Heart Chakra Meditation

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I just finished a 30 day challenge opening my heart chakra using this simple meditation. The very first time I tried it was almost a year ago to the month at an intentional community called Inanitah on the beautiful island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. The basics are that you stand with your hands on your heart and for under 7 minutes of a song by Karunesh, you take a steps forward, first with your right foot, letting your right hand move forward, then your left with the left hand; each…read more

The Beaches: Maderas, Marsella and Hermosa (San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua)

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As previously noted, San Juan Del Sur is more of a night life spot, a pass through on your way to something beachier. The town is quaint and cute and worth a few days, but most of the visitors are spending their day-time at the surrounding beaches. MADERAS   Maderas Beach is about a 30 minute ride from town. There is a regular shuttle that leaves from Casa Oro in town and takes people (and surf boards) for $5 return. The first one leaves at 7:30am and the last one…read more