San Juan Del Sur Sober

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  There is a lot written about hot new vacation destination in Nicaragua, San Juan Del Sur. There’s the pool-hopping party juggernaut, Sunday Funday, Canadian run bars like The Loose Moose where you get a shirt for taking 7 Bloody Cesar shots in a row, and tacos out the ears. But where is the yoga? Is it possible to have a great time in this beach town if you’re not half cut and cruising for a one-night stand? I say, “hell yes” and here’s how. FOOD After a couple months…read more

Las Piramides San Marcos, Guatemala

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Las Piramides Del Ka is located in the tiny hippie enclave of San Marcos on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. It’s one of the longest standing centres in a town filled with healers, yogis, mystics and of course, weirdos. But Las Piramides is the real mccoy. You can tell the moment you walk through the gates into their extensive gardens-the vibe is mas tranquilo. I first heard of it when i was traveling through Central America in December of 2013. I kept meeting these hyper focused normal men and women (mostly young…read more

3 Day Juice Cleanse-for Beginners

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Here in lies a post about the first cleanse I ever did. I’ve tried lots of others, but this was the one that gave me the best results. It was simple and easy and I followed the directions to the letter. Anyone can do this and everyone I have recommended it to has felt the same great benefits. The Tools (all procured from Whole Foods): Psyllium Husk powder, Bentonite Clay, three 3.5 litre bottle of unfiltered, 100% pure apple juice (you might only go through two, but better safe than…read more